Heres How To Get Lasting Positive Change In Your Company

Change is the key ingredient of growth and in business change calls for vision, a driving team and a tight context if it is to be produced effectively and favorably. This is why powerful leadership is so crucial in an organization.

Yet while inquiring into change, it is essential to not chuck the baby out with the bath-water because, on the other side to change is the value of consistency which is likewise important, especially in processes that apply to product, quality control, cashflow and perhaps, to an extent, natural growth.

So, this pair of contradictory ideas will need to exist side-by-side in a healthy company. Just how do we get to that? The solution is to appreciate the fact that effective companies need both change and also consistency. Change is the specialty of leaders and consistency the realm of managers.

Thinking about these two side-by-side, it is not difficult to see why consistency as well as change (or for that matter business managers and business leaders) are frequently challenging to unify.

This piece by business coach Stuart Hayes, delves into the core elements of outstanding leadership and how these components combine to achieve positive and lasting change. As an experienced leader, the formula he utilizes to produce this transformation entails a practical four step process which he highly recommends:





Importantly, as leader, the code of conduct or ‘context’ you develop around your group as well as its behaviour is central to their capacity to unify and accomplish results. Your group will look to you to live by this code at all times and when you do it will start to take on a life and power of its own.

This is where keeping on track and achieving positive and lasting change requires your personal dedication, nerve and also discipline: following the message you preach and also connecting with your team in an authentic way when delivering it is important.

Your ability to create and maintain a solid context is directly commensurate to your capacity to do these things, and with a solid context your group will self regulate; self align; move mountains; and then create the favorable and sustainable changes you are looking for.

Stuarts recommendation– Take a deep breath and then be prepared to be human, to acknowledge failings and to be open to change yourself. You will certainly be appreciated as well as followed as a leader in a far more compelling manner when you have the nerve to do these things.